Family Haunts - Seek the truth and challenge what is paranormal.
Welcome to our website.
We are pleased to have you as a guest to our website. We were the second group to investigate the Lincoln County Regional Hospital or Fayetteville Hospital as we call it when we found it in 2013. We have been there four times and encountered somethings, but nothing like other groups have experienced being there. We have investigated the hospital with Lost Souls Paranormal (State Side Paranormal) and Spectral Forces.  

We're a paranormal investigators who work to debunk the unknown and seek the truth of what is known through science. While we cannot remove spirits from your home, we can come in and investigate to see if you have a ghost or something paranormal going on. We do not charge for our investigations. The information we gather during our investigations is used for scientific research of the paranormal. We work to debunk what people might consider paranormal. We use the same techniques that paranormal investigators use, along with equipment, people's experiences, video, audio, photographs and ourselves to gather evidence to prove the existence of the paranormal.

So, feel free to check out our site, watch videos of our past investigations, look at pictures, laugh at our blooper reel on the biographies page. We also do reviews of the equipment we use and how it works if you're a paranormal investigator searching for the right equipment. I try to keep the site up to date and post often anything which regarding the paranormal world.

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