Family Haunts - Seek the truth and challenge what is paranormal.
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You can call us at 931-675-4427 or 931-652-4361. Please leave a message if we do not answer. We'll try to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Please read the disclaimer below before contacting us.

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Disclaimer: We are a paranormal group who use different techniques to prove the existence of spirits at a residence, business or location. Some techniques are proven, while others are in the experimental stages. We are not responsible for removal of entities, spirits, ghost or poltergeist because we don't have the means to. We can only suggest options for you to try or help you understand and possible co-exist. In certain cases, the environment can be a factor. Our focus is the study of the paranormal and working with groups in gathering evidence of the existence of spirits. 

This means we come in and look for tell tale signs for a haunting. Sometimes we don't find anything and sometimes we do. All spirits are intelligent and can hide from the living. Other times environmental problems can play apart in what a person can experience and presume it might be paranormal. This is why we conduct interviews, run test, set up cameras and research the places we investigate before we make a determination about a clients case.     

  • All of our members are over the age of 18. 
  • We DO NOT charge for our investigations. We are in it for science of it all. 
  • All evidence collected from a location is used for study.
  • We protect the identity of our clients and if we post anything we will work to keep their names private.  
  • Our members are professional.
  • All clients must go through an interview process before any investigation can be conducted.     

What we do:
We interview the client and discuss their situation. We gather information about the clients experiences, hot spots (location where they saw something or experienced) and then discuss things with our group before concluding if there is a need for an investigation. We'll come in and set up our equipment. We run difference test such as, using digital recorders and asking questions, take pictures, shoot video and test clients experiences to see if we can recreate it. Clients are welcome to be around during the investigation or participate. We also research a residence, businesses or location to see if the history of the place might play a part.

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