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The Lloyd Tilghman House and Civil War Museum
Lloyd Tilghman was a civil engineer for the New Orleans-Ohio Railroad and graduate from West Point. He and his family came to Paducah, Kentucky in 1852 to help establish the railroad in the city at that time. He moved into the Robert Woolfolk has built for his family. Tilghman lived in the house for nine years before he left to join the Confederate Army, which he was made a General because of his reputation. If you want to know more about General Tilghman (click here).
We went to investigate the beautiful home and museum with Spectral Forces South.
My personal experience during all of this was while I was talking with curator Billy about the house in general standing in the main part of the museum. I was looking out the parlor doors to the street and noticed something moving. I dismissed it as the shadows from the flags waving outside in the wind, but what really caught my attention was it stopped and slowly moved from left to right up against the window. As if someone was peaking in through the window. I investigated it, but saw no one.
Misty from SFS sensed a homeless man who died on or around the property from an overdose.

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