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Petersburg, Tennessee
A family living in Petersburg, Tenn., were experiencing paranormal events in their home. The experiences range from objects moving on their own, door closing by itself and a spirit of a little girl and a red headed woman had been seen by the family. The family has heard something walking across a vent in the living room. They’ve also heard knocking that the family swear you can set your watch by because it happens at the same time every night. A preliminary investigation of the house found two orbs and one strange X-shaped orb by Buck and Rita.
We came back with a sensitive who found three spirits in the house. Buck, Alberta and I investigated the residence along with the owner and his son. During a K-II session Buck was able to communicate with a spirit which lit up the meter with his responses when certain questions were asked. It’s worth noting that the K-II session was in the room where the children had seen the little girl on the steps. This conversation was caught on video. The owner of the home also witnessed the conversation when he accompanied Buck and his son to that room and again in the living room. During my investigation of the parents’ old bedroom with the owners’ son who said we should do an EVP session near the closet because that’s where his mother has had feelings of someone watching her.
I grabbed my K-II meter and digital recorder and we proceeded to the closet area. As we walked over to closet we experienced some kind of energy discharge which made the K-II meter spike all red three times. It felt like I walked through an old cobweb. I could hear the crackle and pop as I broke this energy field. It sent a jolt through me that washed over me like a wave. Every hair on my body was standing on end.
I wasn’t the only one who felt this. The owner’s son had the same experience. Later on, during my review of the video I noticed the owner’s son watch an orb swing around his legs and over toward the closet. This was before our encounter with the energy. Again after our encounter an orb shot pass my arm. Another time we were in the owners’ daughter’s room and something was messing with the son because he turned around in a hurry. Unfortunately, the video on the hard drive doesn’t work and I was unable to get the video before it happened. 

This was taken in the parents bedroom. The X-shaped thing is what prompted us to investigate the house.

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