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Prime Colorants, Inc.
This was our first initial investigation as Family Haunts. Co-founder Buck Molnar had an incident a few years ago. He was alone in the plant on a Saturday finishing up the schedule for Monday, when he stumbled upon some doors that were closed a moment ago were now open when he came back.

Our first and second investigation of the plant turned up nothing, but our third trip there and a better understanding of our equipment, software and being able to ask certain questions. Yielded more responses and solid evidence of the place being haunted.

The Plant General Manager, Mike Vacek, told us about his experience when he was alone in the plant. He heard the side office door open and close. He heard footsteps upstairs in the attic above the front office. When he went to investigate he found no one was in the building.

Our third investigation we focused on the front offices, front attic and asked more specific questions. That's when we got a Class "A" EVP in the graveyard out back and a couple of K2 hits in Quality Control.

We have caught EVP's both in the plant and in the graveyard and believe the place is haunted. By whom we're not sure, but due to the Civil War history that surrounds the area it is likely to be a factor.

There were certain factors which lead up to our fourth investigation (click here).


Upstairs attic over the office. Footsteps have been heard down stairs.


Hallway to the lab.

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