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Walking Horse Hotel
In early July 2011, the newly formed "Family Haunts" team investigated the Historic Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, TN. We have had the pleasure of knowing the hotel's owner, Joe Peters, for some time and his story is one of undying love and passion.

While our equipment at the time was somewhat limited, we set-up on the 2nd floor and prepared for an eventful night. Kenny and Brock were stationed in room 203. Buck, Rita and Brittany were in room 205. Room 205 was alleged to be visited by the spirit of a little girl, Emily, who in 1941 fell to her death from the hotel's third floor veranda.

The investigation started out slowly and somewhat uneventful. We did capture a few EVP's and some very unusual orbs. The following morning while reviewing the video footage recorded when the team was sleeping we captured a shadow moving beside the bed where Brittany was laying. Attempts have been made to debunk this figure but we conclude it is spirit related. The team has investigated the Walking Horse Hotel on two other occasions and each time uncovered more amazing evidence. My wife, Rita, has actually conversed with Emily using a K-2 meter and Joe's late wife, Chais. Chais passed in March of 2007 so this encounter was very emotional for the entire team.

There is no question the Walking Horse Hotel is home to a variety of spirits. What the Family Haunts team experienced inside the nearly 100 year-old icon offers no logical explanation. If you are a professional paranormal investigator or simply curios, visit the Walking Horse Hotel and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed I assure you!

The hotel's state-of-the-art entertainment venue, Chais Music Hall, is a great place to enjoy live music, dancing, stand-up comedy and more. Visit
for additional information.

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