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Swann 8-Channel DVR
Swann 4-Channel DVR
Fayeville Hospital 2
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What's Up!!!!

It's been awhile since I have blogged anything on the website because it has been a very busy time for the Family Haunts crew. Each member of the group has a full time job that has been keeping us busy, so our investigations have been few and far between. We also lost some important investigations when one of our DVRs crashed taking everything with it.

We did investigate Old South Pittsburg Hospital in January and hopefully Octagon Hall in June.  Also, we might be returning to Walking Horse Hotel sometime in the near future.

Swann 8-Channel DVR

So, continuing to expand our equipment I found the Swann 8-Channel DVR with four ADS-180 cameras. We have been using both our 8-Channel and 4-Channel DVRs on bigger investigations where we need considering we have 13 cameras to work with. The 8-Channel DVR was already setup when we got it. I ran through and get familiar with things to record at the Fayetteville Hospital. Unfortunately, something happened and it reset itself a couple of days later after the investigation. We lost all of our footage.

Swann 4-Channel DVR

After our first investigation at the Walking Horse Hotel we wanted to expanded our coverage from one to camera with a DVD recorder. The Swann 4-Channel DVR gave us that as we prepared to investigate Octagon Hall. We bought it through QVC as a bundle with four IR 580-cameras, four BNC cables and a 7inch TV. We got extra cables.

The DVR was already setup to run when we got it. We had to install some software so we could convert the recorded files over to AVI's. If you follow the directions setup is pretty simple.

Fayeville Hospital 2

Well after going through most of the stuff we collected. We have come up with four possible EVPs and bunch of orbs. Granted there's three hours of video left to go over. The trip to the hospital this time around might be a bust unless we're able to find something on video.

Our next investigation might be Octagon Hall, but we're still waiting to find out.

Cryptid news

Recent in the news, people were taken back by a supposed sighting of a dragon in England. The video shows a creature flying in the sky and then someone zooms in on it before it goes over a couple of pigeons sitting on some telephone lines. The video is fake considering because the birds wouldn't be sitting there if something like that was around. Second, my cousin Brittany believes the dragon itself came from a video game that someone edited in.
I believe there are things on this Earth which is beyond our understanding.

Fayetteville Investigation

This past Saturday we went to investigate the Old Lincoln Regional Hospital in Fayetteville with our group and StateSide Paranormal Investigators. Unfortunately, Scott and Val had to leave before the investigation due to personal reasons, but we hope to another investigation with them in the very near future.

My sister Alberta who is a sensitive joined us for her first paranormal investigation. This Chris Barstad's first time there as well. Alberta picked up on a couple of things once she did a walk-through of the hospital.

Fayetteville Hospital 2

The hospital is very big and confusing sometimes because you loose track of where places are. We searched for the nurses station our second trip to the hospital because that was one of the places where we caught strange things on camera. We wanted to checkout the story a policeman told us about, but we never got around to doing that.

Going over the evidence afterwards on our first investigation we saw a lot of orbs, blobs that floated around the place and lights that moved along the walls or appeared out of nowhere.

Fayetteville Hospital

We have visited the Fayetteville Hospital twice. The hospital closed years ago and we happened upon the place while driving around one weekend looking for local places to do some haunts. Buck talked to some nurses and patients who were outside the new hospital. After talking to them we got in contact with Mickey Lawson about going in and investigating the place. Mickey came and showed us around the place. The hospital was bult in the 1930s, but a new section was added to it over the decades.
A former employee of the hospital told us that he did some paranormal work there before us an caught somethings on the second and third floor.

EVP listener

I credit VIPER Paranormal for this one. Radio Shack sells wiretaps with a suction cup. If you take that and plug it into a mic jack of a digital recorder and headphones into that jack. Once you press record you can listen to the electromagnetic fields that appliances gives off. You can also get readings without turning on the recorder, but if you take notes and have second recorder with you, you can log what sounds like what.

The first time I used this was at the Fayetteville Hospital during our second investigation.

K-II meter

The K-II meter is a 4 inches long and inch and half wide, gray box with a button in the center and five different colored lights. The lights register from green, yellow and red with numbers from 0 to 5 MG. When it comes near anything electronic the lights glow from green to red depending on how much of a electromagnetic field is being given off by the appliance.
Microwaves, some fans, can openers, TVs, computers, light switches, and refrigerators all give off high EMF when its running.

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