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View of the paranormal world.

A paranormal investigator is someone who investigates the paranormal world around them. It expands beyond ghost to Big Foot, U.F.O.s and other creatures of the unknown. Matter of fact, the same equipment that is use for ghost hunting can be used to investigate other things.

While I might lean one way or another on the list above when it comes to investigating the paranormal world. I believe in U.F.O.s a lot more than I do in Big Foot because a 9ft hairy ape man would stand out much more today than 25 to 30 years ago due to population growth humans and shrinking of forest.

I believe in ghost because I've personal had experiences with them before I became a paranormal investigator. While I don't hold any kind of scientific degree in the field of paranormal research. I find it very interesting. I've read a lot of books and articles about the paranormal world and often wonder about the afterlife, but I'm not in a hurry to get there.
I have a degree in Journalism so to me I'm investigating the paranormal world to find out if there is any truth to it and those involved.

My experience with the paranormal comes from my time living at my grandmothers old house in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My great grandfather died in the middle room and his parents died in another part of the house. A civil war soldier was seen twice going from the bathroom to my grandmother's room. My mom and grandmother said they've seen this soldier. While I didn't see anything I still got a creepy feeling at times like I was being watched. I've heard dishes rattle or fall out of the cabinets or the cabinets slam, smelled pancakes and bacon cooking.

My aunt Rita and mom claimed it was my great grandmother messing around in the kitchen because she was upset about something or the way things were placed in the kitchen. I saw my first shadow person at Prime Colorants while working on a Halloween night. I've seen a shimmering light walking through the break room during an investigation. I've seen a person standing on the landing at Octagon Hall on the stairs and been touched out in the graveyard.
You don't forget things like that when they happen to you because you try to find a rational explanation for what is happening. Sometimes you just can't.

Well you might think that we're a family of weirdos who feed each other nonsense about ghost, spirits and other things, but we're not alone in this because there are other groups with the same experiences as we do. They're policemen, lawyers, firemen, bankers, priest and etc. Even for myself I do question a lot of things we've encountered during our investigations or listen to the stories of investigators. You have to be skeptical to be in this field.
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