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August 2013

EVP listener

I credit VIPER Paranormal for this one. Radio Shack sells wiretaps with a suction cup. If you take that and plug it into a mic jack of a digital recorder and headphones into that jack. Once you press record you can listen to the electromagnetic fields that appliances gives off. You can also get readings without turning on the recorder, but if you take notes and have second recorder with you, you can log what sounds like what.

The first time I used this was at the Fayetteville Hospital during our second investigation.

K-II meter

The K-II meter is a 4 inches long and inch and half wide, gray box with a button in the center and five different colored lights. The lights register from green, yellow and red with numbers from 0 to 5 MG. When it comes near anything electronic the lights glow from green to red depending on how much of a electromagnetic field is being given off by the appliance.
Microwaves, some fans, can openers, TVs, computers, light switches, and refrigerators all give off high EMF when its running.

How it works?

Green Laser Grid.

We got a 5-in-1 green laser grid. The thought behind it, is that once it has been set up the lights will twinkle or move if something breaks the beam. We used it during our investigation in Lawrenceburg a couple of weeks ago.
We had it focused on a hallway and central air and heat opening. My concern was the grid wouldn't show up on the cameras, but I was surprised when it did. The downside was when the batteries started dying in the pointer, it looked like something was moving in the room. It wasn't until I watched the video and noticed the light was starting to dim somewhat.

What's up?

Hello, fellow investigators of the paranormal. We're currently working something really cool for people who want the opportunity to explore the supernatural side. At this moment, our group is trying to put together a couple of October investigations where can come and investigate a place with us. We're still working on the details, finding a location and legal stuff, but we're hoping to have everything sorted out before too long.

In other news, we did our second residential haunt recently.
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