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K-II meter

The K-II meter is a 4 inches long and inch and half wide, gray box with a button in the center and five different colored lights. The lights register from green, yellow and red with numbers from 0 to 5 MG. When it comes near anything electronic the lights glow from green to red depending on how much of a electromagnetic field is being given off by the appliance.
Microwaves, some fans, can openers, TVs, computers, light switches, and refrigerators all give off high EMF when its running.

How it works? If there is an EMF present then the meter would detect it, however; that doesn't mean there's a spirit there only an EMF field. Sometimes, spirits can light up a meter in response to yes and no questions. We tried this experiment at the Walking Horse Hotel. A spirit there who we think might be either Emily a little girl who sometimes visits there or another spirit answered some questions we had by using this device.

Issues: Walkies-talkies, high EMF, faulty wiring or meters and tapping can skew evidence. Most people place a penny in the switch to keep it from finding a sweet spot that makes the K-II jump.  
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