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September 2013

Fayetteville Investigation

This past Saturday we went to investigate the Old Lincoln Regional Hospital in Fayetteville with our group and StateSide Paranormal Investigators. Unfortunately, Scott and Val had to leave before the investigation due to personal reasons, but we hope to another investigation with them in the very near future.

My sister Alberta who is a sensitive joined us for her first paranormal investigation. This Chris Barstad's first time there as well. Alberta picked up on a couple of things once she did a walk-through of the hospital.

Fayetteville Hospital 2

The hospital is very big and confusing sometimes because you loose track of where places are. We searched for the nurses station our second trip to the hospital because that was one of the places where we caught strange things on camera. We wanted to checkout the story a policeman told us about, but we never got around to doing that.

Going over the evidence afterwards on our first investigation we saw a lot of orbs, blobs that floated around the place and lights that moved along the walls or appeared out of nowhere.

Fayetteville Hospital

We have visited the Fayetteville Hospital twice. The hospital closed years ago and we happened upon the place while driving around one weekend looking for local places to do some haunts. Buck talked to some nurses and patients who were outside the new hospital. After talking to them we got in contact with Mickey Lawson about going in and investigating the place. Mickey came and showed us around the place. The hospital was bult in the 1930s, but a new section was added to it over the decades.
A former employee of the hospital told us that he did some paranormal work there before us an caught somethings on the second and third floor.
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