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Fayetteville Hospital

We have visited the Fayetteville Hospital twice. The hospital closed years ago and we happened upon the place while driving around one weekend looking for local places to do some haunts. Buck talked to some nurses and patients who were outside the new hospital. After talking to them we got in contact with Mickey Lawson about going in and investigating the place. Mickey came and showed us around the place. The hospital was bult in the 1930s, but a new section was added to it over the decades.
A former employee of the hospital told us that he did some paranormal work there before us an caught somethings on the second and third floor. He talked about a lady in white who walks the second floor, voices and strange things that happen in the nurses station on that same floor. He also talked about an old man who loved to talk to people down in the basement.
A police officer who watched over us while we investigated the hospital told Buck that he and another officer saw a flashing light on the third floor on the farside. They went to investigate it and something startled them. After hearing all of this we got everything set up for our investigation. The power in the hospital no longer works so we had to run a generator for our equipment.
I spent an hour checking equipment to make sure it worked, while Rita and Brittany assigned digital recorders and cameras to the crew. Buck and Brock did a EMF sweep. Brock and l, tested my EMF listener and managed to find one place with no power giving off some noise. We were all a little jumpy during the investigation because we didn't know what to expect. The place needs a lot of work so debris from people who were working on the place before our investigation is all over the place. There's dust and mold so we wore mask to protect ourselves.
 The first investigation we got several good and creepy EVPs and some video of unexplained things. You can see what we caught under the Fayetteville Hospital tab. The second investigation we caught more EVPs, a  picture of something strange and lost all video, which was the second time that has happened to us at the hospital. We're hope during our next visit later on this month and in October we can test some theories. I know for myself I'm looking forward to seaking with one of the spirits that spoke to us. The spirits who live there or who are traped there are very intelligent.
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