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Fayetteville Hospital 2

The hospital is very big and confusing sometimes because you loose track of where places are. We searched for the nurses station our second trip to the hospital because that was one of the places where we caught strange things on camera. We wanted to checkout the story a policeman told us about, but we never got around to doing that.

Going over the evidence afterwards on our first investigation we saw a lot of orbs, blobs that floated around the place and lights that moved along the walls or appeared out of nowhere. The EVPs we got were cool and creepy on both investigations. In the nursery we got a EVP saying "Kiss me" and another one saying "Get out." Different places in the hospital yielded different results.

While I haven't seen anything with my naked eyes, sometimes I could feel things, but a lot of times its just my imagination trying to run away with me. I'm hoping our next trip to the hospital we can try out somethings, while gathering new information about the spirits that reside there.
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