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Fayetteville Investigation

This past Saturday we went to investigate the Old Lincoln Regional Hospital in Fayetteville with our group and StateSide Paranormal Investigators. Unfortunately, Scott and Val had to leave before the investigation due to personal reasons, but we hope to another investigation with them in the very near future.

My sister Alberta who is a sensitive joined us for her first paranormal investigation. This Chris Barstad's first time there as well. Alberta picked up on a couple of things once she did a walk-through of the hospital. A spirit wanted it to follow her to the basement, but she told us to setup a camera down there.

She also felt death in the emergency room area of a person when they passed on. Her spirit guides kept her from going to that part of the hospital. The kitchen was another area where she felt spirits. During her walk-through she happened upon a quick flash that dissipated when she approached it.

We attempted two experiments while we were there with a thermal pad and a spirit box. The thermal pad we wanted to see if we could get some spirits to touch one of us and record a spirit doing it. We got no results on this outing.
The spirit box is going to take sometime too. We got what might be responses, however, we have to go back through the evidence to see if anything pops.

Our goal was to use all of our cameras, but ran out of wire, lights and wore ourselves out in the process. I planned out where we wanted to setup cameras so I'm hoping we caught something on film this time around. Alberta believes we might have caught something and let her know if we do.Talking with her after the investigation she said it wasn't what she expected going because she thought things would have been active from the jump. I told her the truth that sometimes you do feel, see or hear things and catch things and then other times you don't.  We ran three digital recorders, trap-cam, took pictures and video. Hopefully, after going through 37 hours of video we'll have something to post on the web.

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