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October 2013

Fayeville Hospital 2

Well after going through most of the stuff we collected. We have come up with four possible EVPs and bunch of orbs. Granted there's three hours of video left to go over. The trip to the hospital this time around might be a bust unless we're able to find something on video.

Our next investigation might be Octagon Hall, but we're still waiting to find out.

Cryptid news

Recent in the news, people were taken back by a supposed sighting of a dragon in England. The video shows a creature flying in the sky and then someone zooms in on it before it goes over a couple of pigeons sitting on some telephone lines. The video is fake considering because the birds wouldn't be sitting there if something like that was around. Second, my cousin Brittany believes the dragon itself came from a video game that someone edited in.
I believe there are things on this Earth which is beyond our understanding.
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