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Cryptid news

Recent in the news, people were taken back by a supposed sighting of a dragon in England. The video shows a creature flying in the sky and then someone zooms in on it before it goes over a couple of pigeons sitting on some telephone lines. The video is fake considering because the birds wouldn't be sitting there if something like that was around. Second, my cousin Brittany believes the dragon itself came from a video game that someone edited in.
I believe there are things on this Earth which is beyond our understanding. Sorry, there would be a little bit more of a stir about this subject if a dragon or the Loch Ness monster was sighted. I wanted to post the link and story for you to see for yourself, but it's nowhere to be found on the Internet for some reason. 

Another story, that has come to my attention is the Sasquatch GNO Project where scientist claim to have been studying Bigfoot for five years and have video taken in Ky., of a Bigfoot walking and sleeping. The story ran on Good Morning America and trended on Yahoo last month. When we investigated Octagon Hall in Franklin, Ky., Scott from StateSide Paranormal Investigators, told us that someone from one of those Sasquatch shows came looking for Bigfoot in that area. Him and a couple of people caught on to something in the woods. Whatever it was scared one of the guys bad enough to run to his truck for his rifle after something tossed a very large rock at them.    
Here is the link:

Yesterday, I learned from Rita about scientist have Yeti DNA taken from a hair sample that was found hanging on bamboo which matches a sample found in 1937. The scientist believe that an extinct polar bear possible survived and mated with brown bears to produce a hybrid bear. That story is here.
This is the link:

My mother, believes that Sasquatch could be Native Americans considering most of the sightings of these creatures are near reservations sometimes. These young men from different tribes all over the world would spend time in the forest, mountains or other places for a year as a form of passage into manhood. The only thing is they have to keep from being seen.

However, she also thinks that the Jersey Devil, Chupacaba  and other creatures were created in a secret government lab and some how escaped. I do believe in some of her theories.

I think that Sasquatch and Bigfoot are two different creatures. Sasquatch, might be Native Americans or not. Who knows. Yeti could be a bear hybrid. Now, Bigfoot could be a different story.

A guy, Buck met at the ParaCon at the Walking Horse Hotel a couple of weeks ago, believes that Bigfoot is an Elemental and they travel along the imaginary Earthlines from place-to-place. He believes in this theory, which is very strong one because how can you explain we've never found a body, scat, but only foot prints? They're so powerful they only leave their footprints behind when they travel.
When I told my mother about this, she said that her dad had told her the same theory many years ago. So, there might be some element of truth. Sorry about the pun.

For what it is worth, this might be one mystery that will continue to elude us. However, this is why we are here as paranormal investigators. We debunk the things that are above the normal, to help others understand he truth.

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