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January 2014

Swann 8-Channel DVR

So, continuing to expand our equipment I found the Swann 8-Channel DVR with four ADS-180 cameras. We have been using both our 8-Channel and 4-Channel DVRs on bigger investigations where we need considering we have 13 cameras to work with. The 8-Channel DVR was already setup when we got it. I ran through and get familiar with things to record at the Fayetteville Hospital. Unfortunately, something happened and it reset itself a couple of days later after the investigation. We lost all of our footage.

Swann 4-Channel DVR

After our first investigation at the Walking Horse Hotel we wanted to expanded our coverage from one to camera with a DVD recorder. The Swann 4-Channel DVR gave us that as we prepared to investigate Octagon Hall. We bought it through QVC as a bundle with four IR 580-cameras, four BNC cables and a 7inch TV. We got extra cables.

The DVR was already setup to run when we got it. We had to install some software so we could convert the recorded files over to AVI's. If you follow the directions setup is pretty simple.
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