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Swann 8-Channel DVR

So, continuing to expand our equipment I found the Swann 8-Channel DVR with four ADS-180 cameras. We have been using both our 8-Channel and 4-Channel DVRs on bigger investigations where we need considering we have 13 cameras to work with. The 8-Channel DVR was already setup when we got it. I ran through and get familiar with things to record at the Fayetteville Hospital. Unfortunately, something happened and it reset itself a couple of days later after the investigation. We lost all of our footage.

Pros: The four Pro-380s actually are crystal clear on the 4-Channel DVR and not as pixalated on playback.

Cons: Much the same when it comes over-extending the IR of the cameras. Then there was the reset which erased all of our recordings. Also, the ADS-180 cameras that came with the 8-Channel work like normal cameras, but I guess the IR is faulty on all of them because there's no red IR glow. This is why we usually put an IR light with those cameras.

Fix it: We used the same IR lights and that cleared up a lot the lighting issues we've had, but I would suggest spending more money for better equipment if possible.
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