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Eqipment check

When it comes to paranormal investigating it can be a very expensive depending on the equipment you use. EMF, K-2s and Mel Meters can cost a lot of money. So, it is very important to set a budget for yourself as to what you can spend and on what not too.

I will tell you this that it doesn't take much to do a paranormal investigation. All you need is a watch, pen, paper, digital recorder, a small camera (if necessary), permission and daylight. Yes, I said daylight because spirits are active all the time, but more often at night.

View of the paranormal world.

A paranormal investigator is someone who investigates the paranormal world around them. It expands beyond ghost to Big Foot, U.F.O.s and other creatures of the unknown. Matter of fact, the same equipment that is use for ghost hunting can be used to investigate other things.

While I might lean one way or another on the list above when it comes to investigating the paranormal world. I believe in U.F.O.s a lot more than I do in Big Foot because a 9ft hairy ape man would stand out much more today than 25 to 30 years ago due to population growth humans and shrinking of forest.
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